What if we said we have the answer to the Global Problem of Food Waste?

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Who Are We?

Food Recycle Ltd is an Australian company founded on innovation. The company has developed a patent-pending new recycling process that converts mixed food waste into high value products.  Click here to find out more about the company.

74 per cent of food wasted by businesses is thrown out before it is sold


Saving food saves water

Food accounts for 50% of total household water use in NSW compared with 11% used directly in washing, cleaning and gardens. Being one of the driest continents on earth means we cannot afford to waste water through wasting our food.

According to CSIRO Data...


Throwing out a kilogram of beef wastes the 50,000 litres of water it took to produce that meat.

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throwing out a kilogram of white rice wastes 1,550 litres of water it took to produce.

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throwing out a kilogram of potatoes wastes 500 litres of water it took to produce.

Food Waste - A Potential Resource

Learn about the problem and our solution to food waste - a sustainable, scaleable solution to turn a problem waste into a valuable resource.

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