The Food Recycle Solution

Providing a tangible incentive to Do The Right Thing

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Food Recycle's solution has been built around a firm belief in the need for business sustainability in recycling.

We believe that recycling NEEDS to be profitable.  Not only does this provide tangible incentives to all stakeholders to DO THE RIGHT THING, but it provides ongoing business security by not relying on subsidies or donations to keep the lights on.

With this in mind, we see waste as a potential resource instead of typecasting it as a disposal problem.

”97% of all food waste in Australia ends up in landfill”

How are we solving the problem?

By turning Food into...Food

Food Recycle is in the process of building a specific processing plant to turn food waste into dry Poultry feed. This processing plant will use a combination of existing processes and new techniques (patent pending) to process any commercial food waste (including bones and food scraps) into a dry pellet form of high value poultry feed.

Current Food Waste Processing

While there are a number of processing methods on the market, the converted resource generally ends up a low value item (compost or fertilizer).  This low value item is fed back into the food ecosystem, it is one of many resources required to create more food.

Existing Process
Food Recycle process

Food Recycle's Processing

With the Food Recycle process, the food scraps are processed directly into dry food for new livestock. This is effectively closing the circle on the food chain, reducing the amount of new food and other resources entering the circle.

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Proof of Concept

Food Recycle worked with the University of Western Sydney to manage and conduct the Food Science Component of the ‘Proof of Concept’ of the Food Recycle Process.  The conclusion of the report says it all:

“The pilot study of recycling food waste as chicken feed and liquid fertiliser is considered to be highly successful. The process used as part of this study produced two valuable products, chicken feed pellets and liquid fertiliser. Also the process did not produce any wastes. Both these products have great commercial values.”

UWS Acedemic Report - Conversion of Food Waste to Chicken Feed

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For every

1 Tonne of Food Waste


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Process Produces...

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390Kg of Poultry Feed

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90L of Liquid Fertilizer

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520L of Distilled Water

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